Sanitary Sewer Lines

Keeping your sanitary sewer line clean, open and in good repair reduces the risk of blockages, a basement backup and raw sewage leaking into the groundwater. Maintaining your sanitary sewer line is simple. Understanding what your sanitary sewer line is, how it works, and contacting CityWide Sewer & Drain Service Corp. is all you need to do. Maintaining your Sanitary Sewer Line is every homeowner’s responsibility.

What is a Sanitary Sewer Line?

Your “Sanitary Sewer Line” is the sewer line that connects your home to the public sewer system. Wastewater from your toilets, sinks, showers, and washing machine travels through your sanitary sewer line to the public sewer main line which carries it to the nearest wastewater plant for treatment.

If your sanitary sewer line is broken or leaking, raw sewage could be seeping into the groundwater. Groundwater passes to your neighbors’ yards, to creeks, to streams, into Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.

What Can Cause My Sanitary Sewer Line To Clog, Crack Or Break?

Blockages are most often caused by excessive buildups of grease (a result of pouring cooking grease and fat down the kitchen sink). When flushed, plastic and other non-soluble materials such as baby wipes, diapers, feminine products, and kitty litter can also get caught in the line and block the flow of wastewater through the system.

Tree and shrub roots that have grown into the line are also a common problem. Sanitary sewer lines installed prior to 1980 in Nassau and Suffolk Counties are primarily made of cast iron or clay and can deteriorate or become brittle over time. Roots seek water and will find their way through cracks and holes causing blockages and further damage. Unfortunately, contractors can also cause damage to sewer lines due to inexperience and improper tool usage.

What Do I Need To Do?

You need to call CityWide Sewer & Drain Service to have your sanitary sewer line inspected. A video inspection camera will be fed through your line so you can view the condition of the line; then your line will be cleaned and cleared of any blockages and repairs made if necessary. This helps CityWide provide you with the most cost-efficient way to repair your line. CityWide is Long Island’s largest and most trusted sewer and drain cleaning company, and for good reason; all work is performed by experienced and Licensed CityWide Plumbers.

CityWide is Long Island’s largest and most trusted sewer and drain cleaning company, and for good reason; all work is performed by experienced and Licensed CityWide Plumbers.


How does a Cesspool or Septic System work?

Wastewater flows from your Residence into the septic tank or main cesspool.

The organic liquid waste floats at the top and the solid waste and inorganic sludge falls to the bottom.

The natural bacteria generated inside the system converts the floating waste into sludge and liquid.

The liquid between the “floating solids” and the “sludge” layers flows into the leaching secondary tank where it drains through the sides and bottom in a cesspool or flows out to the septic field in a septic system.

Why Does a Cesspool/Septic System Fail?

When a septic tank/main cesspool is not properly maintained, solids will build up within the septic tank/main cesspool and eventually push through and into the leaching cesspool(s). This clogs the sand bottoms and can permanently destroy the drainage. Detergents, toilet cleaners, bleach, anti-bacterial soaps, and disinfectants can kill the natural bacteria in the septic system. It is essential to keep the bacteria levels in your system well balanced for optimum performance.

What Should I Do When My System is Full and Requires Service?

If CityWide has determined that the cesspool system is full or requires service, we may elect pumping, aeration and drainage additives as in sulfuric acid to help restore drainage.

What our customers are saying

We called this morning for an emergency backup. They arrived within an hour. Michael and Henry were excellent, pleasant, clean, and thorough. It was a pretty bad backup and they didn't complain...they just did the job, kept the area clean, and worked quickly and efficiently. We have used citywide several times and we would highly recommend them.

- From Abby Farahmandpour

Got service on a Sunday (Memorial weekend) and there was no extra charge. Manuel, the tech, worked hard to find the cesspool, as I didn't know where it was. Built us a new cap and concealed it so it wasn't a tripping hazard for my kids. Prices reasonable and the office was very responsive about giving updates on Manuel's ETA. I'm in Western Suffolk and he was at a call in Selden before me, so they have a large service area. Very reliable - go with these guys.

- From Phil Russo

The guys and gals at Citywide have always taken great care of me. Alex came right over to my house and did a great job in cleaning the backup problem. He was a true professional, he fixed the problem and cleaned up well after the process was done. Thanks Citywide!!

- From Eric Titcomb

Citywide has always been there when I need them. Their staff is knowledgeable and delivers prompt service. I can always count on them to do a good job.

- From Jo B

I had a clogged drain during this difficult time. Citywide responded with the appropriate safety equipment. They did the job and discovered an additional issue that needed immediate repair. The work was completed and the price was very fair. I would highly recommend Citywide!

- From William McSorley

We spoke on the phone with Mike. He was very professional, patient and took his time and explained all we asked. Then we arranged for somebody to come (in Hicksville). The technician, Thomas came, within reasonable time, evaluated the problem, and professionally fixed the clogging. We liked that Thomas was knowledgeable and didn't try to oversell and didn't push for unnecessary services. He did excellent job, exactly the way it should be done. We were very satisfied how the job was done and how they treated us as customer.

- From Natasa P

A hearty thank you to City Wide and to Harold who did the job! They came through with professionalism, concern and true problem solving. I cannot thank City Wide enough. After the job was done, Harold went over everything that he did, explained everything and made future recommendations, which we are going to follow up on with City Wide. Again, many thanks, you guys were / are great!!!

- From N Bizios

I called city wide late on a Friday night about a backed up drain. They came promptly and the service person was very nice explaining what was needed and he made the repair. Excellent service. They did a great job for a very reasonable price. Excellent.

- From Michael

So many positive things to say about Citywide. I had a sewage backup and within an hour after my first call I felt reassured. Harry walked me through the entire process, was super informative and calmed my nerves. He was professional, punctual and his team did great work . Harry also helped me by talking to my insurance company and getting them accept my claim. What more can I ask for during this stressful ordeal? Thank you Harry and team!!! Hopefully I never have another problem but if I do I will definitely call Citywide.

- From Michelle F

Cannot begin to tell you how amazing they are. We had a leak from out watermark. It was so bad that it not only started flooding our house the water started traveling underground and started going through the retaining wall of our neighbors property and starting accumulating in their driveway (later we found out we lost ~100K gallons of water). This happened during the time of the bad rainstorms so It took us some time to realize that the water problem was the result of the leak and not the storms. I called citywide on a Wed night they took a message right away. 730 am on Thurs their agent calls me back and by 8am they were at my house. The assessed the problem. They literally moved around jobs for me so that they could accommodate my job right away. By 830 they had come to my house with their huge truck and yellow bobcat machine. They dug a huge hole 5 feet into the ground. They found the tiniest leak that was maybe 3mm big. They fixed it and cleaned up so well you couldn’t even tell they were there. Citywide literally came a team of two people and took half a day at least to fix the problem. They were a little pricey but they were upfront and honest with their pricing. Did not even try to charge me a cent more which I respect so much. I had called other companies and they did not even give heed to the urgency of my problem. They said : we can try to send someone to evaluate today. So my hats off to citywide for saving me!

- From Sabah Shah