Needing PLUMBING REPAIRS in Bellmore, NY can cause many headaches!

So be sure to call the PLUMBERS with the most experience! We stand behind all our work. Citywide will come prepared to service or repair any Plumbing issue you may have, from a simple Clog to major Sewer Line Repairs. We are Licensed and Insured, Professional, and will arrive within an hour to take care of your Plumbing needs.

A sure sign of a WATER MAIN break would be leakage which could turn your front yard into a messy swamp. You may also likely detect a foul, unpleasant odor.
Call Citywide and we will fix the problem right the first time.

Did you know a broken or burst pipe can cause a major house FLOOD? If you have the unfortunate experience of a Flood in your house in Bellmore, NY from a CLOGGED DRAIN or a BROKEN PIPE, call Citywide immediately. We are experts in FLOOD DAMAGE REPAIR in Bellmore, NY and will be on site to assist with your FLOOD RESTORATION.


They are called emergencies for a reason! We are full service PLUMBERS in Bellmore, NY offering complete 24/7 EMERGENCY PLUMBING SERVICES in Bellmore, NY. In most cases we can arrive within an hour and get to work on fixing your plumbing situation.

If you find you are in need of a SEWER LINE REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT in Bellmore, NY

Call Citywide now! We can repair or reline your pipes and get rid of all the unpleasant odors and water pools caused by faulty Sewer Lines. Our trucks are fully equipped with all the tools necessary to fix the problem right the first time.


Citywide can offer either a Traditional Repair or a TRENCHLESS SEWER LINE REPAIR in Bellmore, NY. The TRENCHLESS method is more cost efficient as it does not disrupt your property; so there are no driveway repair or landscape costs to incur.

It could be a CLOGGED DRAIN OR CLOGGED SEWER in Bellmore, NY

Who hasn’t had a toilet overflow? What a nuisance! CLOGGED DRAINS occur because paper, debris, grease, or objects CLOG up your DRAIN. You can try to fix it yourself with DIY methods, but if you have no luck, call Citywide. We will get there fast and you can go back to living your life with peace of mind.
Similarly, CLOGGED SEWERS in Bellmore, NY can cause your household DRAINS to back up. Let Citywide come and determine the cause of your backup.


From complete Flood Restoration Service call Citywide. We will ensure the safety of your environment so you can live in your home with peace of mind. We have Drying Equipment, Mold Removal equipment, Carpet Removal equipment, and total Inspection to ensure your safety and good health.

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