The good news is that Citywide offers 24/7 EMERGENCY PLUMBING SERVICE in Glen Head, NY and we can be there quickly to remedy the problem. Our expert technicians will diagnose what the problem is and get to work on it. When you need PLUMBING Services, any time, any day, call Citywide!
Whether it is a CLOGGED DRAIN or a CLOGGED SEWER, we can clean it out, repair or replace it.

CLOGGED DRAINS can be a major nuisance. You may be doing the dishes and the water just accumulates in your sink instead of draining out. This could be a sign that it is time to have your DRAINS CLEANED.

Do you have a cracked SEWER LINE or WATER MAIN in Glen Head, NY?

If it turns out to be a cracked pipe in your SEWER LINE, we can either Repipe it or replace it. In many situations, we can even use a TRENCHLESS SEWER REPAIR SYSTEM to minimize digging around your home. We even offer WATER MAIN REPAIR. Most importantly, make sure it is done by a professional who has the right skills.

Ask Citywide if you are a candidate for TRENCHLESS SEWER LINE REPAIRS!

Trenchless Sewer Line Repairs are more cost effective that the traditional method as it saves you money on property repair such as repairing your driveway or any area that was disturbed to make the underground repairs.

Why Citywide?

For 65 years Citywide has been servicing EMERGENCY PLUMBING needs of Glen Head, NY residents.
We offer 24/7 Emergency Service, and our experienced, Licensed and Insured Technicians will fix your plumbing problem correctly…the FIRST time. All our work is guaranteed so you will have peace of mind when the job is done.

Is it time to have your CESSPOOL SERVICED in Glen Head, NY?

Citywide is who you should call for CESSPOOL PUMPING. Citywide suggests that you pump your Cesspool every 3-5 years to avoid overflows or draining problems. We can get your toilets flushing again in no time. Our Fully Equipped Trucks will be prepared for any Cesspool issue we may encounter.

WATER MAIN BREAKS can cause major issues inside your Glen Head, NY home,

…and if that occurs, Citywide can come to the rescue and provide you with expert Service. Water Main Lines can corrode over time and be damaged by Tree Roots. If you notice pools of water around your property, call the experts Immediately!

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