Need a Plumber in Jericho, Nassau County That Provides Same Day Emergency Plumbing Service? Look To Citywide.

Citywide Plumbers is available to serve Jericho, NY 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week to provide Emergency Plumbing Service to Homes and Businesses in Jericho. You will receive fast service at a reasonable price. Emergencies do not occur on your schedule, so be ready, and turn to CITYWIDE.

Why Citywide?

For 65 years Citywide has been servicing the plumbing needs of Jericho, NY residents.
We offer 24/7 Emergency Service, and our experienced, Licensed and Insured Technicians will fix your plumbing problem correctly…the FIRST time. All our work is guaranteed so you will have peace of mind when the job is done.
Call CityWide for all of your needs 24/7. We can get to Jericho NY within the hour!


We have a team ready to get to your home or business in Jericho NY to clear that clogged Sewer, or Drain!

Did you Get Flooded in Jericho NY and require Flood Restoration Services? Perhaps Flood Damage Cleanup?

We will get to your Jericho NY Location, pump out all of the still water, dry everything up, and then start the Flood Cleanup Process where we spray for mold, cut and replace sheetrock, paint, and restore your home to the way it was.

Got a cracked WATER MAIN or SEWER LINE that needs Replacing in Jericho NY?

Our CityWide team of experts will use video equipment, diagnose the problem and repair your broken Sewer Line or Water Main. In many cases we can do this without excavating your entire front yard!

Trenchless Sewer Line Repairs in Jericho NY (SEWER LINERS)

As mentioned above, we can perform Trenchless repairs. This means we dig a small hole to get to the location of the problem. We cut the line, insert a sleeve that we expand and will harden to put in a “SEWER LINING” for your Sewer Line.

Need Cesspool Service in Jericho NY?

Chances are you know that you have an issue with your Cesspool. More often than not, a good cesspool pumping is all that is required. We Service your Cesspool and put in the proper chemicals. Citywide offers complete Cesspool Service.
Don’t wait for an Emergency! Service your Cesspool today!
Call Citywide today to schedule plumbing, sewer, or drain service in Jericho: 1.800.310.2564.

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